Underground ventilation systems for mines and tunnels

Removex AB can provide you with a complete system for your underground ventilation. We manufacture customized axial fans within the sizes from 500 mm up to 3000 mm in diameter.  Of course, we also manufacture accessories as for example silencers, inlet bells and duct adaptors. We also sell ventilation duct to transport the air to where you need it. We have more than 30 years of experience of underground ventilation.

The whole world is our market

It is very pleasing to see that our products are wanted from all over the world and that the good reputation of Removex AB:s products keep on spreading.
We deliver ventilation systems for mines and tunnels in Sweden and Scandinavia, but also to Ireland, Peru, China, Japan, South Korea, New Zeeland, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Angola, Venezuela, Germany and Australia for example. In some parts of the world we have agencies, for example Removex SAC in Peru.

"To test is to know"

All our fans are manufacture in our factory in Sweden and are always tested before delivery. They are made for a tough environment.


To help you to have a good saftey in your working area we manufacture rescue chambers against smoke and gas.